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Our shop dragster uses all the quality products we sell. RaceMAX Director races this self built 7-sec LS powered car and is on the other end of the phone when you call.


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Brian Tooley Racing Equalizer LS1 & LS3 manifold

This intake is designed for combinations that are looking to make peak power between 6000 and 8000 rpm. Boosted engine combinations are actually more reliable making peak power in this higher RPM range compared to making peak power around 6500 rpm like most stock style intakes, provided the valve train is engineered properly. 

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ic engineworks header modelling blocks

IC Engineworks header modelling system allows the fabricator or home enthusiast to prefect their design before attempting the construction from actual tubing. Reduce thinking time and wasted material with this comprehensive kit available for a wide variety of N/A or turbo pipe sizes.

Special Offers

Clearview Filters 4" Blackout w/spin on

Detect debris in engine oil and prevent further damage. Mounts like a regular remote oil filter in any location. The 115-micron screen captures particles .002″ and larger, the spin on cartridge provides a second stage of filtration for fine particles. 

Brian Tooley Racing

LS camshaft and valve spring combo

Buy any Brian Tooley Racing LS camshaft and valve spring kit and get a 5% discount on the whole purchase. Add more BTR items and the 5% discount still applies on everything purchased. Order must be placed via this website, this offer must be mentioned in the special instructions section.

Optitorque Technologies USA

Extreme Duty head studs Barra and nissan rb

Optitorque Technologies have developed a stud with 240,000-260,000psi ultimate tensile strength. These studs are within 15% tensile of ARP CA625 at almost half the price. These are the perfect stud when upgrade is needed from ARP2000. These studs have been track tested and proven in extreme high boost conditions. We have shelf kits for Barra and Nissan RB platforms.

High Performance Race Car Parts Australia

About Racemax Direct

A team of dedicated racers formed RaceMAX Direct to provide the highest quality hardcore race equipment sourced worldwide and supplied directly to the racers and car enthusiasts. With over 50 years of experience in the motorsport and race parts industry, we are committed to rigorously testing and supplying only the very best parts to ensure you get the best available and most reliable parts on the market.

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