Clear View 6" Screw-On Oil Filter 115-micron BC125-115

Clear View 6" Screw-On Oil Filter 115-micron BC125-115


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Clear View 6″ Screw-On Oil Filter Assembly BC125-115 with -12 Ports & 115 Micron Element, Clear Anodised

6″ Screw-On See Through Filter Assembly with #12 Ports and 115 Micron Element, for running all weight oils up to 70 weight. Dual Filtration is recommended for motor sports ran on dirt and pushing high volumes of oil. Filters Can Be used for many applications including Racing, Marine, Automotive, Farm, and for Industrial Hydraulic Systems. This Filter Assembly uses a HP-6 size and style disposable filter. It is also for the user who wants to filter microscopic and dust particles out of a fluid or oil system that flows high volumes of fluid. The oil first flows through the See Through Filter which the filter element traps the larger particles that can be viewed and inspected while the microscopic particles flow into the disposable filter or a system 1 unit and are filtered out of the oil. The filtered oil then flows out of the filter assembly through the outlet opening. This dual stage filter will extend the life and flow of the disposable filter and still allow visual inspection of filtered particles without draining or leaking any fluid, unbolting or loosening any fasteners or fittings and with out any loss of oil. Seeing these filtered particles will help determine if they are from normal use or from bearings and other components excessively wearing in the engine or machinery supplying the Filter Assembly.

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