Brian Tooley Racing CAMSHAFT - LSA/LS9 - PDS STAGE 3 TORQUE CAM - CM32346176

Brian Tooley Racing CAMSHAFT - LSA/LS9 - PDS STAGE 3 TORQUE CAM - CM32346176


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Brian Tooley Racing CAMSHAFT – LSA/LS9 – PDS STAGE 3 TORQUE CAM – CM32346176

Specs: 223/246 .610″/.600″ 117+6

Our original Stage 3 PDS cam was designed for those wanting maximum peak power at the sacrifice of some low end torque. Designed in conjunction with Justin White, the new Stage 3 Torque Cam was designed to provide much better low end torque at the sacrifice of some top end horsepower.These new cam specs also slightly improves idle quality and drivability, making the cam easier to tune. This cam has run 9.91 with stock long block and stock blower in a CTS-V. That same car has run 9.50 with a 150 shot of nitrous.

Brand Brian Tooley Racing
Part Type Camshaft
Engine Type LSA/LS9
Cam Bolt Style THREE BOLT



RaceMax Direct is proud to be Australia’s home for Brian Tooley Racing. Products we stock directly from BTR include Equalizer Manifold LS, Brian Tooley Racing Rocker Arm LS, BTR Shaft Rocker Conversion LS3, BTR Shaft Rocker Conversion LS and Brian Tooley Racing Pushrods, BTR Camshafts and BTR Valve Spring Kits.

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Brian Tooley Racing (BTR) – the story

Brian Tooley has been in the performance racing game for nearly three decades.

Starting his own business back in 1992 called Total Engine Flow, Brian was using a Flowdata flow bench. Shifting to Holley Performance Products shortly afterwards, he helped develop the SysteMax head, intake and camshaft packages.

Going back to working on his own in 1996 until 2004, Tooley then built Total Engine Airflow into an industry titan.

Since then he sold his business to Summit Racing Equipment and stayed on until 2010 when he decided to be closer to family and friends.

As his BTR webpage revealed, it wasn’t long before Brian was back after seeing a need for quality spring kits at affordable prices.


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