icengineworks 2.000" EH Series Basic Kit

icengineworks 2.000" EH Series Basic Kit


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icengineworks 2.000″ EH Series Basic Plus Kit

icengineworks patented plastic blocks allows builders to quickly generate the tubular shapes and geometry required to test fitment, ease of fabrication and even set budgets for any project. The only requirements are that the engine is fitted in place with flanges and starter tubes and that exhaust collectors, or Collector Dummies are firmly secured in their final position in the engine bay. Blocks are molded in YELLOW ABS plastic and are available in kits. These kits contain 4 different shapes: straight blocks a 2” CLR block a 3” CLR block and a 4” CLR block Included also are block adapters that allow any block to be attached to the open end of a tube to get the tubular assembly design started at either end, downstream or upstream.

The original icengineworks™ block series product line, developed for the design and fabrication of precision tubular Exhaust Headers now becomes the EHSERIES. The series features 1.000”- long straight and curved modeling blocks molded in a variety of ODs and centerline radii (CLR) plus tube-cutting and assembly tools.

2000 EH Series (2”OD)
BASIC KIT Includes:

124pc Universal Modeling Block Set for 2″ OD
(30) Straight blocks, 2000-00
(30) 3 inch radius blocks, 2000-30
(30) 4 inch radius blocks, 2000-40
(30) 6 inch radius blocks, 2000-60
(4) Block adapters, 2000BA
User Manual
Control sheet pad
Plastic case


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