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For over 25 years Innovators West has produced high quality SFI 18.1 certified harmonic balancers right here in the United States with all American components.

With a standard all aluminum case design for lower reciprocating weight, stress-proof steel hub and 1040 steel internal inertia rings for outstanding durability, Innovators West Balancers are a great investment for your street or race vehicle. Contact our sales staff for more info.

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bam solid roller lifters

BAM Solid Roller Lifters are available for most domestic V8 pushrod engines. 100% made in the USA these lifters will give you the reliability you need. Click the link to see the full range.

Callies Conrods

Compstar xtreme

The next step in the Compstar line up. All the quality, reliability and workmanship you have relied upon for years from the Compstar line up is taken to the Xtreme. Specifically designed for power adder and diesel applications. The Compstar Xtreme utilizes the same proven 4340 material and ARP 2000 or L19 fasteners. Strength is added by thickening up the flanges of the H beam and a reduced depth of cut towards the center of the rod. Then non-essential weight is taken out of the beam to help keep the overall weight of this rod in check.

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trinity intake manifold

The latest offering from BTR in high quality cast aluminum intake manifolds! TheTRInity is short runner, 3-piece design that allows for the ultimate in application flexibility. It is similar in concept to billet Intakes costing thousands more. Optimum operating range is 6000-8500 rpm and is primarily intended to bridge the gap between N/A and Boosted applications.

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Clearance items are now loaded on our website. Click the link and grab a bargain.

clearview filters

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See-through race performance oil filter increased filtration performance and can be used for many applications including racing, marine, automotive, and industrial hydraulic systems. It allows the user to visually inspect particles and contaminants that were filtered out of the system to determine if they are from normal use or from bearings and other components excessively wearing in the engine or machinery supplying the filter assembly.

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