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APD Billet Enforcer 4150 carbs

APD Billet Enforcer carbs are the best value premium carburettor on the market. Fully CNC machined in the USA from aircraft grade aluminium and anodized for corrosion protection and stunning looks.

APD 4150-series carbs are available 600cfm to 1040cfm for a wide variety of applications and fuel types.

Priced from $1599.00 inc gst

Special Offers

APD Billet bypass fuel pressure regulator

APD Billet bypass fuel pressure regulators provide the ultimate in fuel system control. A perfect partner for the APD billet fuel rail with the same quality you expect from any APD product. Suitable for carburettor fuel systems only. Price $199.00

Special Offers

Boundary Billet Oil Pump Gears Ford Barra with martenwear

Boundary oil pump gears are engineered to achieve superior strength and flow characteristics over factory. The mirror like “Coldflow” surface finish improves wear resistance as well as reducing friction. The added “Martenwear” treatment is a extra hardening process which produces a super hard surface. This is beneficial for constant high RPM use such as drifting.

Price $429.00 inc gst

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icengineworks 1.750" pro plus kit

This comprehensive kit allows you to model your headers on the vehicle for the best fit and optimize lengths. The snap together platic blocks can simulate various tube bent radii which can then be transfered onto pipe bends. Minimise planning, build time and wasted material.

Special Offers

Brian Tooley Racing dual valve spring kit

The BTR platinum spring kit would be inducted into the LS aftermarket hall of fame if such a thing existed. Whether you’re putting together a daily driver with a mild cam, a 600 hp N/A stroker, or a turbocharged 1000 hp brawler, our platinum spring kit will make sure your valves are right where your cam wants them to be at all times. They are designed to be used with stock rocker arms. Titanium or chromoly steel retainers •Locators for stock or bronze guides •Valve seals. Price from $495.00

Special Offers

Extreme Duty head studs

The newest name in USA made extreme duty head studs for Ford Barra, Nissan RB26 and RB30. Rated with a certified ultimate tensile rating of 240,000-260,000psi these studs will handle extreme boost but without the price tag. Prices start at $695.00

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