About Racemax Direct

Who we are

A team of dedicated racers formed RaceMAX Direct to provide the highest quality hardcore race equipment sourced worldwide and supplied directly to the racers and car enthusiasts. With over 50 years of experience in the motorsport and race parts industry, we are dedicated to rigorously testing and supplying only the very best parts to ensure you get the best available and most reliable parts on the market.

We aim to keep our prices the most competitive, and also understand customers’ urgency to get their products fast. So we set-up a highly efficient freight system to make sure you get your parts quickly, and safely. 

Meet The team

Team RaceMAX

Bill Kaglatzis (Left) Engine Shop/ Technical-Bill has decades of experience in bulding race engines of the highest level. He can usually be found at Sydney Dragway tuning some of the quickest cars in Australia. George Bukureshliev (Right) Sales & Purchasing is a 27-year veteran of the performance parts industry. George is an accomplished fabricator and races his own unique self built LS powered front engine dragster. At RaceMAX you talk to real racers with the knowledge and experience to provide you the right parts the first time.

We Are Selling The Most Popular hardcore Race parts