Cylinder Heads

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Cylinder Heads

Everyone who is into high performance vehicles can’t get enough of high horsepower! Squeezing the maximum amount of power out of an engine requires careful planning to ensure all of the parts work in unison. Cylinder Heads are where you make the power, however, selecting the right set can be tricky. This is where our experts at RaceMAX Direct can help you with your decision on which parts are right for your build.

Whether you race Super Comp, Pro Stock or just want to rebuild your engine parts, there are cylinder heads for you. Performance cylinder heads enhance the airflow into your engine giving you improved power. For instant power, bolt on a set of fully assembled heads or custom build your engines top end around a set of bare castings. The options are endless for you. You can also turn up the horsepower even more by choosing heads with CNC ported runners and chambers, CNC profiled chambers raised exhausts and other enhancements. The options are endless.

Our TrickFlow and Brodix Cylinder Heads are available fully assembled or as bare castings. Most are CNC ported Cylinder Heads. They are fully assembled heads that include valves, valve springs, steel or titanium spring retainers and valve locks. We have a huge variety available including Small Block Chevy, Big Block Chevy, Small Block Ford, Big Block and GM LS.

RaceMAX Direct is the Australian distributor for your Trick Flow and Brodix Heads products and services. RaceMAX Direct is based in Sydney and offers delivery services throughout Australia and New Zealand contact us today for all your queries.