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RaceMAX Direct offers a selection of mechanical tools to meet your automotive needs. Speak to our friendly team for recommendations.

Car Tools Collection

These are just some of our mechanic/hand tools that we offer at RaceMAX Direct:

  • Billet Connection Valve Spring Compressor Kit
  • Billet Connection Pushrod Checker
  • Billet Connection Spring Pressure Tester
  • Brian Tooley Racing LS Valve Spring Compressor
  • Brian Tooley Racing Ring Compressor
  • Brian Tooley Racing Valve Spring Height Micrometer

To build a high-quality racing vehicle, you need high-quality materials and most importantly, high-quality tools. As dedicated racers ourselves, we carry the highest quality race equipment and tools worldwide while keeping our prices competitive.

We guarantee you’ll receive your products fast and in great condition. If you would like to speak to one of our highly experienced staff, contact us today! RaceMAX Direct is the exclusive Australian distributor for Brian Tooley Racing & Billet products. RaceMAX Direct is based in Sydney and offers delivery services throughout Australia and New Zealand.