Oil Systems

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Oil Systems

At RaceMAX Direct, we have many types of Oil Pumps Gears and Backing Plates that your engine needs. We carry Boundary Racing Pumps gears and backing plates to suit applications for Barra, Coyote, Nissan, Mazda and more, so you can keep your vehicle running to its best potential. We thrive on providing accurate high quality billet oil pump gears in high horsepower applications, many of them going into 1000+ horsepower builds.

Our oil pump gears and backing plates are manufactured in Dallas, TX USA from advanced FEA simulations to break down each oil pump for weakness. All pumps are tested against the worst case scenarios: debris impacts, vibration and offside loads. Our Boundary Racing Pump products provide the highest quality lubrication equipment possible for your high performance needs.

Keep your car’s oil system healthy and check out our selection of our products online at RaceMAX Direct. If you’re unsure of what your engine needs or have questions related to your oil system, contact us and one of our professional staff members can offer you some guidance.