Trick Flow GenX 220 Cylinder Heads for GM LS2, Titanium Retainers - TFS-3061T002

Trick Flow GenX 220 Cylinder Heads for GM LS2, Titanium Retainers - TFS-3061T002

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Trick Flow GenX 220 Cylinder Heads for GM LS2, Titanium Retainers – TFS-3061T002


Performance Cylinder Heads

Trick Flow GenX® 220 cylinder heads for GM 6.0L LS2 engines are the best value in GM LS performance. The cathedral port heads incorporate features of Trick Flow’s fully CNC-ported LS heads such as 13.5° valve angles, decreased valve shrouding, increased mid-lift airflow, relocated spark plugs, CNC-profiled combustion chambers with port-to-valve seat blending (bowl blending), improved rocker arm/ valve cover clearance, and rigid casting design in a more affordable “Fast As Cast” version that flows nearly as much air as Trick Flow’s competition ported heads. The special Fast As Cast® runner design duplicates the port shape and profile of fully CNC-ported runners, resulting in near-CNC-ported performance for the same price as regular cast cylinder heads. Check out our extensive range today!


UPC:  842645107313
Combustion Chamber Volume (cc):  65
Intake Runner Volume (cc):  220cc
Exhaust Runner Volume (cc):  80cc
Cylinder Head Style:  Assembled
Cylinder Head Material:  Aluminum
Intake Port Shape:  Cathedral
Intake Valve Diameter (in):  2.055 in.
Cylinder Head Finish:  Natural
CNC-Machined Combustion Chamber:  Yes
CNC-Machined Intake Runner:  No
CNC-Machined Exhaust Runner:  No
Combustion Chamber Style:  Heart
Intake Port Location:  Standard
Exhaust Port Shape:  Oval
Exhaust Port Location:  Standard
Spark Plug Style:  Angle
Intake Valves Included:  Yes
Exhaust Valves Included:  Yes
Exhaust Valve Diameter (in.):  1.570 in.
Valve Springs Included:  Yes
Maximum Valve Lift (in):  0.600 in.
Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in):  1.300 in.
Damper Spring Included:  No
Number of Springs Per Valve:  Dual
Retainers Included:  Yes
Retainer Material:  Titanium
Locks Included:  Yes
Lock Style:  7 degree
Valve Stem Seals Included:  Yes
Rocker Arm Studs Included:  No
Rocker Arms Included:  No
Rocker Arm Nuts Included:  No
Guideplates Included:  No
Valve Cover Mounting Style:  Centerbolt
Accessory Bolt Holes Drilled:  Yes
Intake Valve Angle:  13.50
Exhaust Valve Angle:  13.50
Valve Guides Included:  Yes
Valve Guide Material:  Bronze
Valve Seats Machined:  Yes
Valve Seat Machine Style:  3-angle
Valve Seat Material:  Ductile iron
Steam Holes Drilled:  No
Machined for O-Ring:  No
Heat Crossover:  No
Quantity:  Sold individually
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