Oliver Racing Parts

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Oliver Racing Parts

Oliver Racing Parts’ highest priority is to achieve the tightest tolerances possible. Their dialed-in, straightforward manufacturing protocols foster unquestionable repeatability. For example, throughout the entire multi-step process, Oliver’s connecting rods are constantly tested against the same three reference points, known as datums A, B, and C. These three points serve as the foundation upon which every single part at Oliver is manufactured. The utilization of premium materials, cutting-edge measurement techniques, top-of-the-line quality control, and extreme attention to detail is proof of their unwavering commitment to a finished product they stand behind, every single time.

Oliver’s commitment is to provide championship-winning racers with the highest quality connecting rods. Control drawings that govern key dimensioning and tolerancing, fixtures that locate off-key Datum points, and their state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility ensure Oliver’s machining and measurements are absolutely repeatable. Oliver implements the same elite processes used by the world’s top-tier precision machining companies. Their Zeiss CMM and Sunnen SH4000 electro servo honing machine demonstrate their commitment to invest in the latest, most advanced technologies, undoubtedly placing them at forefront of the racing industry.

Oliver is devoted to extracting every last benefit from the U.S. alloy steel for their racers. From the very start of production, their material is processed using a higher standard for cleanliness and purity, meeting AMS 2301. Their proprietary two-stage heat treatment optimizes stress relief and provides superior grain structure and ideal grain size.

RaceMAX Direct is an Australian distributor for Oliver Racing Parts. RaceMAX Direct is based in Sydney and offers delivery services throughout Australia and New Zealand.