Boundary High Flow Oil Pump Assembly VQ-S2-DE

Boundary High Flow Oil Pump Assembly VQ-S2-DE

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Boundary High Flow Oil Pump Assembly VQ-S2-DE

Stock oil pumps and our competitors both suffer from the stock oil pump gear design. Boundary started with a blank sheet using a design that comes straight from Boundary R&D. The new design eliminated the asymmetric tooth profile that weakens the gear in the root of the teeth. Then we added in a formulation of metal and heat treatment that has been race proven for nearly 2 decades. The result? A gear that doesn’t break, what more can you ask for?

Boundary focuses on providing the highest quality lubrication systems possible for the automotive industry.

The VQ DE oil pump starts with Special Nissan OEM housing, assembled with our mirror finished billet oil pump gear. This pump, with 30% more flow then OEM or the “hi rev” will provide superior lubrication throughout the RPM range for your application. It comes standard with a high flow billet steel backplate with deeper porting and and 5th axis finished ramps. This pump has been validated in multiple extreme horsepower naturally aspirated and turbocharged applications including the world record holding naturally aspirated 1/4 mile car of Nisformance.

This unit also comes with a preference of relief valve settings for high RPM pressure.

All Boundary assembled billet pumps undergo the following:

  1. Pump is completely taken apart, all parts under go ultrasonic cleaning, air blast, and hand inspection.
  2. Pump is hand de-burred.
  3. Our industry leading mirror finished gear set is used
  4. Stainless Torx heads replace the stock fasteners
  5. All fasteners are torqued to spec
  6. Loctite applied to fasteners to prevent back out or loosening
  7. Anaerobic sealant applied to critical areas to boost pump up speed and reduce aeration.
  8. Assembly lubricant applied to all critical surfaces to get oil flowing fast on startup
  9. Parts are blue printed and issued with specification sheet.


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