Procharger Bypass Valves

Procharger Bypass Valves



For supercharging applications, surge occurs when excessive boost or pressure spikes as a result of a sudden throttle blade closing, which can cause severe damage to a supercharger and is why we mandate all ProCharger supercharger installations use a bypass valve.


ProFlow Valve: The ProFlow valve is the standard surge valve option for our street supercharger systems and kits. Compact in size,
it can be fitted into tight spots when space is limited. Its butterfly valve is extremely durable and reliable, and this design creates a straight airflow path which acheives excellent flow for its size. The ProFlow valve can also be paired with a small air filter to minimize noise.

Bullet Valve: This surge valve’s compact design also makes it fit easily in tight spaces.
It comes in both an open and closed format. The closed format allows you to recirculate air back into the system, or instead to run to an air filter to minimize noise.

701-1200 HP

Race Valve: This is the industry leading surge valve for both street and race applications. The larger valve diameter is designed for high flow applications.

1201-3500 HP

Competition Valve: Designed with the Pro Mod racer in mind; compact, light and fast acting. For use as a pair in applications above 3,000 HP.

ProRace Valve: One ProRace Valve outflows any other single valve on the market and is our highest-hp bypass valve option. This massive flow capacity comes from a piston style valve design (patent pending) that allows for  a significant increase in curtain area over traditional style valves, while still fitting into a reasonably sized package. It also incorporates a v-band clamp for an easy install.


Open – Vents to atmosphere and creates a distinctive “whoosh,” when the throttle blade suddenly closes, which a lot of people enjoy the sound.

Closed – Vents to an external air filter or an internal tube for rerouting excess boost pressure back upstream of supercharger for a more quiet and subtle sound.  More ideal for street applications where someone wants more of a silent or stealth operation of the supercharger.

For street applications, our complete systems and tuner kits come with the proper bypass valve based on the vehicle’s horsepower output level so, no need to worry about the right one. However, we do offer upgrade options for our Systems and Tuner Kits with our Race bypass valve family for those seeking a little more sound or those that like the cool look of the anodized finish of our Race bypass valves.

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