PSI Springs

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You can not talk about top of the line high performance valve springs and fail to mention PSI Springs. These marvels of engineering are the top choice for car race enthusiasts and champions alike, thanks to their superior construction and ability to withstand even the most extreme racing conditions. Whether you’re an amateur racer looking for a competitive edge, or a seasoned expert looking to maintain your ranking among the champions, PSI Springs have the power and precision you need to succeed.

With over twenty-six years of experience under their belt and a commitment to working closely with race engine developers and engineers, it’s no wonder Performance Springs has become one of the most trusted names in the world of racing. All Top Nascar Dragracers, Circle Track & Circuit Racers rely on PSI. So if you’re serious about winning big on the racetrack, check out our PSI Springs today!

More About PSI Springs

There are many reasons car enthusiasts and racers love PSI Springs. Here are some of them:

1. Each Spring Begins With Wire

Performance Springs pride itself on producing the highest quality springs available. This starts with their excellent manufacturing materials, beginning with the chrome-silicon alloy wire. This special alloy contains a unique blend of chromium and silicon, which results in springs that are not only stronger and more durable than other types of spring steel but also maintain their resilience over time and through repeated use.

2. The Rigorous Quality Control Procedures Are Second to None

PSI springs are made from alloys that have been meticulously designed to ensure optimal composition and casting, with minimal inclusions or imperfections. Furthermore, these materials are subjected to the most rigorous cleanliness standards, ensuring there is no risk of impurities or contaminants compromising their performance and reliability.

Additionally, The PSI springs are manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC equipment, which guarantees batch-to-batch consistency and allows for incredibly precise tolerances.

3. The Springs Are 100% Load Tested, Set Matched

Another reason why PSI springs stand out from the crowd is the rigorous testing process they go through. Specifically, these springs are 100% load tested, which means that they are carefully evaluated to make sure that they can withstand even the heaviest loads without failing. Additionally, this testing process also involves setting each spring to a specific strength, to ensure that all valves will open and close at the same rate.

Racemax Direct is Here for You!

When it comes time to choose a spring brand for your next project, choose a brand that has proven experience, uses the latest technology, and adheres to strict quality standards. PSI Springs tick all of those boxes and more.

Are you looking for a dependable supplier of PSI springs, don’t hesitate to contact Racemax Direct today!