APD Billet Enforcer 1150 E85 Carb APD-2377

APD Billet Enforcer 1150 E85 Carb APD-2377


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APD Billet Enforcer 1150 E85 Carb APD-2377

These carburettors are a true work of art and provide unmatched throttle response and efficiency. The entire carby is CNC machined from billet aircraft grade aluminium and anodized Black for durability. The Billet Enforcer street carbs come standard with primary power valve for cleaner cruising mixtures, the rear is plugged and secondary jet extensions are fitted to ensure fuel delivery under hard acceleration. The unique billet fuel bowls accept -8 ORB aircraft style fittings, they are not regular Holley ports. We can supply specific bowl fittings or a complete billet fuel log to suit. CNC machined billet metering blocks allow for precise metering, a uniform fuel curve and superior adjustability with both 2 and 3 circuit systems available. The throttle shaft bushings are made from oil impregnated bronze to make for smooth throttle transition and eliminating throttle sticking off idle. A billet base plate, also CNC machined in house at APD offers superior strength and smooth throttle response, while a 4 Corner idle systems offer consistent fuel control at idle. Secondary idle speed adjustments allow for fine tuning of the secondary throttle position. Externally adjustable linkage is Teflon coated along with 304 stainless steel hardware making it strong and corrosion free. These features along with our billet metering blocks, Teflon coated large window sight glass bowls, screw on jet extensions and a notched float makes this what I believe to be the best value the carburetor industry has seen. All APD Billet Enforcer street/ drag carburettors feature their bottom feed billet fuel bowl standard. Primary power valves help street driveability along with secondary jet extensions and notched float for hard drag launches.

  • 6061-T6 CNC machined main body
  • Raised booster to help with fuel demand & Control
  • Enforcer Billet fuel bowls
  • Billet base plate with adjustable secondary idle
  • Coated throttle shafts
  • Stainless throttle plate screws
  • APD custom calibrated metering blocks
  • 4 corner idle system
  • Adjustable air bleeds
  • Custom floats
  • Custom needle and seats anodized float bowl plugs
  • Precision machined high flow jets

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