Bangshift Billy Digital Clutch Controller Kit

Bangshift Billy Digital Clutch Controller Kit


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The BangShift Billy is a Digital Clutch Control device for the perfect, repeatable launch for drag racing. Read as: consistency and reduced carnage!

What’s the problem with drag racing with a street style diaphragm clutch? One of three things:

  • You’re either going to spin the tires when you launch the car if you don’t the slip just perfect with your foot.
  • You’re going to break parts.
  • It’s going to bog, then accelerate down the track. That kills your E.T. and all that you’re going after, which is going faster.

With The BangShift Billy you can have the consistency and launching characteristics of an adjustable “slipper” clutch without crawling under the car or even picking up a wrench. You can make those adjustments to your diaphragm clutch through our app on your phone. It’s adjustable down to the millisecond!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Manifold assembly with the valve
  • Simple wiring harness
  • Bluetooth controller, which is of course controlled by an app on your phone, which connects via Bluetooth
  • Problem-solving clutch bleeder kit



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