Procharger Supercharger Unit

Procharger Supercharger Unit


ProCharger supercharged racers have continued to do what they do best, which is making consistent A to B passes, going rounds, setting records, and WINNING!

No competitor offers more winning choices than ProCharger. Built on years of racing success and R&D knowledge, the ProCharger line of superchargers produces the most power and increases your chances of winning.

No external lines or external pumps required – Our superchargers are the easiest to install, operate, and maintain.  Our superchargers have an efficient internal oil / self-contained design so no hassles when it comes to racing.

Staging your car is a breeze with ProCharger!  Compared to turbos, no violent staging or bumping your car is required.  Just roll in, set your trans brake, rev it up and turn a great light!  And compared to nitrous, no more flirting with disaster.  Just predictable, consistent performance round-after-round with a ProCharger supercharger.

ProCharger is made from the strongest materials – High strength, aircraft grade billet aluminum is what makes our superchargers hold up pass-after-pass, letting you concentrate on getting the most out of your race engine/chassis combo.

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