Clear View Filters

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Clear View Filters

Billet Connection is a CNC Machine shop owned and operated by Mike Cofini and Jessica Juel. They specialise in machine billet aluminum racing and high-performance parts. Their experience comes from 30 years of Mike owning and running an engine machine shop that built stock, performance, and racing engines for all kinds of applications and all different types of motorsports. Mike and Jessica have been in drag racing just as long, running many different classes including Top Alcohol Dragster. Over these years, Mike rebuilt hundreds of engines for customers and fellow racers that saw excessive damage to their engine. It was not easy to know when parts in the engine were excessively wearing or failing. Hence the design of these Clear View filters.

See-through oil filters can be used for many applications including racing, marine, automotive, and industrial hydraulic systems. It allows the user to visually inspect particles and contaminants that were filtered out of the system to determine if they are from normal use or from bearings and other components excessively wearing in the engine or machinery supplying the filter assembly.

RaceMAX Direct is the Australian distributor for Clear View Filters. RaceMAX Direct is based in Sydney and offers delivery services throughout Australia and New Zealand.